Avaline School is an Associate member of David Game College Group (DGCG). As a privately owned school, the governance of the school is guided by a body consisting of a representatives of the proprietor of the parent company, United Education Group (UE), members of the UE and DGCG Executive Board, collectively known as the Governing Body.




When I founded David Game College Group in 1974, I had a clear vision of the type of educational establishment I wanted to create.Now, over 45 years on, our ethos remains the same: to promote the joy of learning and knowledge to our students in the context of academic rigour and curiosity, while remaining focused on enabling them to achieve examination success and secure a place at university. Our aim, now as then, is to ensure that every student who passes through our College leaves more skilled and informed, prepared for their next academic journey, and more mature in their understanding and respect for others.

In 1974, I set up a small private tutorial college in London, to fill a growing niche in the market. This soon led to the acquisition of Westminster Tutors in South Kensington, which is still active in its original premises on the Old Brompton Road. I then opened David Game College now in Tower Hill, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive range of subjects and attracting more international students to study in this large campus in a historic area of London. 45 years on, we are now one of the largest independent college groups in the UK, not tied to a profit-driven corporation or external capital investment.

Over time, we have built up a great diversity of partnerships across the UK and beyond. This has been achieved through recognising, developing and rewarding talent. I never overlook an opportunity to work on an interesting project with a like-minded partner.

David Game MA (Oxon), MPhil(Lond)

   Member of the Avaline School Governing Board

Mr. David Game MA (Oxon), MPhil(Lond)    Chairman
Dr. Steven O'Brien    Principal / Chair Board of Governors 
Dr. Henry Mead PhD (Oxon)   Academic Advisor
 Mr. Gavin Sui MSc   Director
 Ms. Terry Kwok CMS   Director
Dr. Peter Chen PhD   Director
Mr. Nigel Wang MA    Regional Director
Mr. Fei Yan MSc    Regional Director
Mr. Jinnan Zhang MA    Regional Director

From time to time, the Chair of Governors may invite the members of Avaline School governors, the school staff or the wider community to sit in an advisory capacity at key meetings.