The UK still maintains its reputation for offering world class educational institutions, which are renowned for their tolerance and inclusivity. Most parents have high aspirations for their children but gaining entry to good schools and universities can be daunting and many children fail to demonstrate their full potential, especially during interviews. This is where Avaline School provides an important service - helping students successfully thrive when making the transition to a school or university by increasing their chances of entry through careful academic preparation and cultural advice.

The UK GCE ‘A’ level system does not suit all students. The worry of a single set of final examinations exerts unnecessary pressure on students, which can often lead to them underachieving in examinations. It can also be claimed that UK GCE ‘A’ level results do not provide an accurate reflection of a student's ability for they fail to consider a student's performance throughout the months, even years, of study that leads up to the final examinations. More alarming is the fact that students who have followed the traditional ‘A’ level route to a degree course are frequently found to lack not only essential practical skills such as computing, art and design but also practical awareness of the application of technical and scientific theories.

The year 2020 was one of the most challenging  for all students in education. The pandemic has deeply impacted the education industry globally. This has changed the way students attend the lessons and the way they are assessed. Students have attended the online lessons and this has become part of their learning mode.

In England, no GCSE or A level exams took place in summer 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Students were awarded a grade in each subject they studied, based on teachers’ assessment (centre assessment grades) for their GCSE or A level subject. This was the grade their school or college believed they would most likely have achieved had exams gone ahead, taking into account a range of evidence including, for example, non- exam assessment and mock results.

AVALINE ASSESSMENT & QUALIFICATIONS   was founded to help students successfully gain entry into some of the UK’s best private schools and universities though our Avaline Courses as alternative qualifications. Our Qualifications are only deliver via our Avaline School Study Centres, and we are working with our partnership schools, universities cross world to establish Avaline Study Centres to provide the opportunities for student to experience our courses in their own counties, with an affordable fee.  


By Partnering with Avaline and becoming an Approved Centre, you will be offering your student more than just a nationally recognised qualifications, programmes and endorsement. You will be opening access to a whole host of digital resources, professional networking and events as well as putting students on pathway to Higher Education.

Approved centre is work in partnership with Avaline School and management to deliver high quality, flexible Avaline Courses and Avaline Assessment together


Registered centre is work in partnership with Avaline School and register candidate and deliver Avaline Assessment