GCSE/A-Level Bridging Course

Avaline School GCSE/A-Level Bridging Course is designed for students to effectively transition from their current study to UK GCSE or A-Level courses. Students will join Avaline for one term (Sep intake join Avaline and ready for Jan join to UK colleges) or two terms (Jan intake join Avaline ready for Sep intake for UK colleges).

Before students join UK colleges they can study GCSE or A-Level courses in China online or in our Avaline centres to become familiar with the British system and teaching approach.

The bridging course is carefully designed to ensure that all topics are taught in detail, assuming no previous knowledge, but with specific aim and focus in terms of progression onto UK school or colleges for their GCSE and A-Level.


We ensure that plenty of time is spent on answering and reviewing relevant past examination questions.  Regular homework, timed tests and trial examinations, together with frequent and detailed analysis of mark schemes and examiners' reports, ensure that by the time the examination season approaches you will be thoroughly prepared and confident.


Our highly experienced staff will be able to:

  • Diagnose any gaps in your knowledge
  • Improve your knowledge base in each subject
  • Improve your comprehension of difficult topics
  • Develop your powers of memory and recall
  • Improve your examination technique
  • Ensure you understand the examination specifications and instructions and what is required of you
  • Give you the confidence needed to improve on your past performance 

please contact us, our local study centre or local office for more details.