Our A-Level courses provide students with the opportunity to specialise in the subjects of their choice before university. students who in year 13 (2nd year) of the A-Level will have individual timetables according to their particular needs, they will take min 3 subject to meet university entry requeirments.

A Levels are the standard route to studying at UK universities, particularly for the most competitive courses at the highest-ranking institutions, and are available for students aged 16+ who have completed their GCSEs or equivalent high school certificate.

Our personal tutors guide A-Level students effectively through the UCAS programme for all of our year 13 students, assisting them through the application, interview and personal statement process. Students are further assisted with comprehensive guidance when making the final choices for subjects and university destinations.



 A Level Subjects:
■ Art (Fine Art) ■ Art (Photography)  Art (Textile Design) ■ Mathematics
 Business ■ Chemistry ■ Physics ■ Further Mathematics
 English Language ■ English Literature ■ Computer Science
■ History
■ Economics  French ■ Sociology  Geography
■ Psychology  Accounting  ■ Politics  Biology 


       Year 1 (AS Level ) End  ↓  A Level Year 2 End 
  ↓ Sep Intake  Jan Intake ↓ June Exam June Exam ↓
Year 12     2 years A-Level course, course start at september each year
Year 13 (18 month A-Level)      18 month A Level course, course start at january each year
Year 13 (1 year A Level )    1 years A-Level course, course start at september each year