AVALINE SCHOOL Year 11 Courses


Year 11 course is the 2nd year of GCSE, some of school named as Pre - A Level pupils need to study and pass min 5 GCSE subjects avaliable below to progression to A-Level. 

This course is desiged to prepares international students for the demands of A Level (Advanced Level) study. Students develop the English language, mathematical and academic skills needed to be successful in their
A Level studies and future academic careers.

We find that students who take this course reach a far higher standard than those of the same starting level that apply directly for A Levels. Universities pay close attention to students’ scores throughout their A level study, so it is essential to make a good start to the full A Level course. The course is separated into two levels, each lasting one year.

■ For 15/16 year-olds to fully prepare them for studying the 2-year A Level programme the following year
■ Students will prepare for sitting 5 GCSEs
■ Intensive focus on gaining a high band score in the IELTS examination (6.5 +) and following 5 GCSE subjects.


GCSEs Subjects:
■ Art ■ History  Biology ■ Mathematics
 Business ■ Chemistry ■ Physical Education ■ Physics
 English Language ■ English Literature ■ PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education) 
■ Religious Studies  French ■ Sociology  Geography


  Year 11 End 
  ↓ Sep Intake  Jan Intake
One Year GCSE   1 years GCSE course, course start at september each year
Jan - June GCSE    Start at Jan , exam at June