In UK year 9 studnets Compulsory subjects are dictated by the necessity of teaching a uniform core and the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. In Years 9, 10 & 11, the details of the option groups are determined largely by demand and vary from year to year, but the guiding principles are to ensure a sound basic education and to keep options open as far as possible. Students are normally required to study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education (Ethics) and Physical Education in addition to four further subjects from the options available. All students in Year 9 also participate in an enrichment programme that allows them to experience a range of activities within the curriculum that may enable them to develop or extend skills beyond the main curriculum offer. Examples of activities include basic Sports Leadership, Speaking Skills and App Development.

Our China Campus year 9 course desiged to prepares age 13,14 years old international students for the demands of thier GCSE study. Students develop the English language, mathematical and academic skills needed to be successful in their GCSE studies and future academic careers.

 For 14/15 year-olds to fully prepare them for studying the GCSE programme thefollowing year
 Intensive focus on the English language requirements and development of Mathematics, Science and IT/Business studies for students aiming to study GCSEs and, later, A levels
 If a student shows excellent progress, they may have the option to take a GCSE in the summer term as well as the IELTS exam.

The courses offer students a comprehensive education which includes other social, cultural and physical activities to broaden their learning, including:

 Cultural Programme - a cultural programme designed to enrich understanding of the English language and British culture
 Personal, Social, Health and Economic education
 Physical Education - a weekly programme of extra-curricular sports activities
 Timed Assessment - supervised timed assessments based on examination questions to help develop skills
 Personalised Support - a personal tutor and programme of tutorial sessions support students as they adapt to the educational and cultural differences of the UK system.


Course Avaliable:

 Avaline International School Xi'an Campus China