Avaline School is a private fee paying school based in city of lonodn

Avaline academic year is divided into three terms

Nelson Term
(Autumn Term)
10 Sept - 18 Dec
Louis Term
(Spring Term)
11 Jan  - 1 April

William Term
(Summer Term)
19 April  - 25 June


Administration Fee

■  Avaline registration fee is £500 per year is NON-REFUNDABLE. It covers administration costs and photocopies.

■  Practical/material fee is £620 per subject.

■  Examination entry fees are from £200 per subject. For resit examination entry fees are from £225 per subject


Tution Fee 

■  Study with Avaline Centre, We are working with our local partners to delivery our courses. the fee you need to check our centres for tuition fee and accommodation fee and the centre. 



Private Tuition Fee

■  Private Tuition £75.00 per hour. 

■  Oxrbridge PreparationTuition from £75.00 per hour. 

■  Art Portfolio PreparationTuition from £75.00 per hour.