Welcome from the Principal 


Education should never be taken for granted and is one of the most precious gifts and rights that we can give our children. Avaline School is distinctive because it offers an unusual blend of hard and soft skills, which combine to produce a confident student who can rapidly adjust to a new environment. at Avaline School we mentor and guide students and parents to find the right educational establishments that best match their needs. My role as Principal is to ensure that everything we promise, we deliver on, becuse for that is how reputations are maintained and developed.

There is no doubt that finding a suitable school for your child can at times seem to be a daunting task, replete with apparent difficulties and hurdles. The role of Avaline School is to demystify the whole process, optimising your child’s chances and smoothing the transition to higher education.

The cornerstone of all successful students is confidence in their abilities and confidence to pursue their studies independently. This is our purpose and mission to proffer students with the right knowledge, the context, and necessary acculturation needed to make that difficult but important transition between educational systems. To achieve this, we must foster in our students self-belief in their abilities and the willingness to embrace change as an opportunity. This is echoed in our motto - florebo quocumque ferar - I will flower everywhere I am carried.

Our responsibility to parents and students does not stop once successfully placed. We keep in contact with all students and their parents to assist with ongoing issues and once inside the Avaline Club, you are a member for life. I very much look forward to personally welcoming you.

Dr. Steven O'Brien