Avaline assesses the students in two ways: Assessment and Exam. Assessment takes place during their study while Exam takes place by the last week of June each year.

How we prepare Avaline Exam ?

Examination Rooms

  • Arranging the examination room including, but not limited to, removing any visible charts or diagrams from the room
  • Display a clock that is visible to all candidates
  • Clearly display exam subject title, start and finish time and date of each examination.
  • Live cameras must provided by the centre which is streamed live to our chief examiner who monitors the exam
  • Review the candidates seating plan before the examination start                     

Before Examination

  • Verify the identity of every candidate in the examination room (Passport or Citizen ID card or Avaline student Card)
  • Announce the Avaline exam rules to candidates 

During Examination

  • Complete the attendance register
  • Provide instructions if a candidate arrives late
  • Vigilance: always supervise the candidates to prevent cheating or distractions
  • Keep a record of any incidents that may arise during the examination and report back to the chief examiner

After Examination

  • Collect all question papers and any other materials before candidates leave the examination room.
  • Check candidate’s written name on the question papers
  • Ensure all papers are secure before sending them to the examiner