Avaline College was founded by professional scholars based in Oxford in order to provide the opportunity for overseas students to experience life at the University of Oxford. We have decades of combined experience tutoring and researching, and we are first and foremost academic teachers.

By enrolling with us you become an associate member of an Oxford College – Regent’s Park College – where you can study as a University of Oxford student would. We arrange specialised tuition for you, delivered by our academic experts across a range of subject areas, including English Literature, Economics, History, Art History and tailored Study Skills. Our four-week long courses combine access to world-leading academic research and tuition with a range of social and pastoral opportunities, such as visits to museums, country estates, libraries and theatres, which means you get a thorough experience of life in the UK at one of the world’s top institutions.

About Regent’s Park College


Regent’s Park College, located in the heart of the city, specialises in the humanities and social sciences. The college's beautiful quad offers a retreat from the bustle of the city but the college's students are just minutes from everything they will need for their graduate studies. 

Regent’s Park is known for its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community. It has a thriving student population of around 200, including undergraduates, graduates, ordinands, and international visiting students.

Regent’s Park is the largest of the university’s six Permanent Private Halls (PPHs), and as such is fully part of the collegiate structure of the University of Oxford. PPHs and colleges admit and provide for students in exactly the same way, and their students study for the same University degrees. The main technical difference between the PPHs and colleges is in their governance structures, but this is a distinction that makes no difference to students. PPHs tend to be smaller than colleges and offer fewer subjects. The smaller size of a PPH community can be an advantage, as it may allow you to integrate quickly and get to know the tutors and other students.

(Source: University of Oxford )